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  • The Most Frequently Chosen Forex Indicator by Traders 2023

    For those who are just starting their career as a trader, learning forex (foreign exchange) is a mandatory step. They must know various things about the world of trading. They must also determine the trading method to be used. Actually, in forex trading, every trader must have a different method. That’s fine, as long as […]

  • How to Trade Without Capital in 2023

    How to trade without capital in 2023 is an attractive option for novice traders wanting to try forex trading without having to spend capital. There are various ways you can do this if you don’t have a budget. It is an activity that has existed for a long time, especially in the form of exchanging […]

  • 3 Forex Trading Tips with Small Capital

    Forex trading tips with small capital that can be your reference when you want to dive into the world of forex. Check out the reviews only in this article. As a beginner, of course you have to start trading forex with minimal capital. This aims to minimize losses or risks that could occur. For that, […]

  • 10 Best Forex Trading App For 2023

    You can get the information on our 10 recommended Forex Trading Applications which are expected to be the best applications in 2023 in this article. Listen to the end so that you can be helped. Forex trading is foreign exchange trading that is carried out in cyberspace. This trade uses a difference system when trading. […]

  • Digital Transformation in Energy Sector

    Technology has been increasingly adopted by all major industry sectors over the last several years—and the energy industry is no exception. The energy sector has been an early adopter of digital technologies. In the 1970s, power utilities were digital pioneers, using emerging technologies to facilitate grid management and operation.  Years ago, companies started by switching […]

  • What is CNG fuel? A detailed explanation

    What is CNG fuel? Compressed Natural Gas contains methane, nitrogen, CO2, propane, and ethane. CNG is only 1% of the volume it occupied before. Compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, cheaper than the other non-renewable energy sources (diesel, petroleum, coal). With natural gas, energy transition gives us perspectives while […]

  • Energy storage technologies: how to store energy?

    How to store energy? Nowadays one of the biggest challenges is that we cannot store renewable energy effectively. What is the solution? Energy Storage Technologies What energy storage systems do we use? In some cases, collecting energy only works periodically. Wind turbines work at maximum capacity if the wind is strong enough. For solar panels, […]

  • How to conserve natural gas?

    How to conserve natural gas? In this article, we provide 4 ways to conserve natural resources. An industrial guide. How to conserve natural gas? Natural gas has a good reputation among fossil fuels. While burning this fossil fuel, it emits much fewer greenhouse gases than oil or coal. But we cannot say it is environmentally […]

  • The energy industry

    The energy industry is the totality of all of the industries involved in the production and sale of energy, including fuel extraction, manufacturing, refining and distribution. Modern society consumes large amounts of fuel, and the energy industry is a crucial part of the infrastructure and maintenance of society in almost all countries. In particular, the […]

  • The Energy Industry: Types and Examples of Companies

    The Energy Industry: Types and Examples of Companies As a country rich in Natural Resources (SDA), Indonesia is blessed with vast agricultural products such as mineral mining that the state can utilize for the community. One of the reasons this industrial sector is significantly developed in the country is because Indonesia has various energy sources, […]