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  • When Will I Get My Tax Refund? Check the Status Now

    When Will I Get My Tax Refund – Still, at least it’s earning interest, If you filed your duty return on time and still have not gotten your refund. Still, you presumably formerly entered it, If you filed your duty return electronically and were due a refund. The IRS reported that it reused 97 of […]

  • How to Minimize Short-Term Capital Gains Tax

    Short-Term Capital Gains Tax – Capital gains duty generally applies when you vend an investment or asset for further than what you paid for it. In other words, any gains performed from the trade are considered taxable in the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service. Whether you pay the short-term capital earnings duty rate or […]

  • Guaranteed Annuity Rates (GAR) – All You Need To Know

    Is there a GAR in your possession? Just to be safe, have you checked? What is a GAR, exactly? So, if you have a retirement fund, you need to hold on to it with both hands since it could be a method to double or even treble your income. We know someone who got very, […]