Ø  HOW TO IDENTIFY YOUR VEHICLE’S FUSE TYPE You’ve already found the best dashcam brand and model for your driving needs and you’ve decided that you want to install your dash cam into your car. Whether your goal is to tuck your dash cam’s power cable neatly into your car’s headliner for aesthetic reasons, you … Read more

Automotive Finance

  AUTOMOTIVE FINANCE Ø Personalised Pricing Automotive Finance offers personalised pricing* based on an interest rate that’s specific to you. Your interest rate is based on your personal circumstances, as well as the specific structure of your loan. The rates we offer are fixed for the term of your loan to provide certainty and peace of … Read more


  Thinking big often leads to a successful future. That’s why if you find yourself intrigued by heavy-duty engines and complex fuel systems, Automotive Training Center’s Diesel mechanic school is definitely for you. Manufacturers and dealers nationwide are constantly looking for reliable technicians with automotive diesel training and experience. ATC’s Diesel mechanic school provides you … Read more


   What Is CNC 3D Printing 3D printing is a technology that builds objects based on digital model files, using bondable materials such as powdered metal or plastic, and printing them layer by layer. The printed content comes from 3D models or other electronic data, and the printed 3D objects can have any shape and … Read more

17 Best AAA Membership Discounts You Should Be Using

    According to the card buried deep in my wallet, I’ve been a “loyal member” of the American Automobile Association (better known as AAA) since 2005. My AAA membership is one of the longest relationships of my life, even exceeding the length of my marriage. Early on, AAA’s roadside assistance services helped me and my succession of comically … Read more

Top Life Settlement Companies

 In a life settlement, a senior sells an individual or group life insurance policy to a third-party buyer for a single cash payment. It’s an attractive strategy for underfunded retirees because the net proceeds are usually higher than the policy’s surrender value. For the senior who’s already considering surrendering life insurance, if only to get out … Read more

The Hartford Insurance Review 2023

The Hartford’s insurance offerings are targeted for the 50 and older crowd, cemented by a partnership with AARP to bring additional savings and perks to members. Non-AARP members can purchase auto policies through independent insurance agents, and the company also offers group benefits and business insurance. The Hartford auto insurance coverage When you’re shopping for … Read more

john hancock insurance agency travel insurance

   John Hancock Insurance Agency – Recognized by Forbes Advisor for ‘Best Plan for Seniors’ 5/5 Stars. “John Hancock’s Gold plan has the top-notch medical evacuation limits you might want, and you don’t have to wait a long time for travel delay benefits to kick in.” Why buy travel insurance? Make sure travel insurance is part … Read more

What Advisors Must Know About Professional Liability Insurance

As a financial professional doling out life and money recommendations, professional liability insurance is an important part of the financial advisors’ back end resource suite. This product can be compared to your homeowners insurance. You may never need it, but if you do, you’ll be very happy that you have it.  What is Professional Liability Insurance? This specialized insurance … Read more

Understanding No Medical Exam Life Insurance

   Do all life insurance policies require a medical exam? Most life insurance policies, like term life insurance, require a medical exam. This exam helps the insurance company accurately assess risk and set your premium. If you have a serious medical condition, you may worry life insurance is off-limits to you, but this may not be … Read more