Strip and Wax subcontractor (commercial floor care, janitorial)

!!! The subcontractor provides transportation, equipment, and chemicals.
MTZ Group Inc. provides floor maintainance at Rite Aid and Walgreens stores in Philadelphia and the vicinity. A VCT floors stripping and waxing crew is needed.
The subcontractor provides transportation, equipment, and chemicals.
Essential Duties:
Strip and Finish application is a two (2) night project; therefore, it is expected that strip service should be performed with (2) crew members, which can be reduced to (1) after the strip is complete:
Night 1 (2 crew members):

Remove gum and stickers from the floor; pick up all area rugs and store out of the way. Replace when finished.
Dust mop all respective floor areas.
Strip all respective floor areas with authorized chemicals per manufacturer recommendations.
Use a scraper to remove residue/old finish from fixture edges, for a clean consistent appearance.
Spot treat stains according to stain removal protocol (attached).
Apply finish on the First Night as follows:
Apply four (4) coats of finish to all tile surfaces;
Apply five (5) coats of finish to all tile surfaces located in high-traffic areas.

Night 2 “Top coat” (1 crew member):Apply finish on Second Night (“top coat” application) as follows:

Dust mop all respective floor areas.
Lightly scrub all floor areas to prepare for the application of top coats of finish.
Apply two (2) coats of finish to bring all tile surfaces to a total application of a minimum of six (6) coats of finish.
Allow to dry. Clean any finish residue from covebase, kickplates, fixtures, or non-floor surfaces.
Re-sweep or dust mop respective floors.

Multiple locations.
Working hours: night, overnight shifts. The schedule may vary.
Job Type: Contract
Pay: $20,000.00 – $25,000.00 per month

Overnight shift

Application Question(s):

When and where was your last commercial stripping project?
Are you ready to work 22-25 nights a month (9 PM – 3 AM) during March-June 2023?
Please name brands and models for the van, equipment, and chemicals.
Do you have the equipment and crew needed for stripping and waxing 50 Rite Aid stores according to the description?


Strip and Wax: 1 year (Preferred)

Work Location: Multiple Locations






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