Overnight Weekend Security/Garage Attendants for Upscale Condominiums

Express Employment is looking for part time security guards/ garage attendants to work overnight at upscale condominium.
Monitor the cameras, report any suspicious activity to the manager or call 911 for any activity that looks criminal.
Conducts garage inspections. Provides written report of any maintenance needs to the Manager.
Remove all water from garage floor immediately.
Complete incident report for any injuries, accident, or any item that could potentially become legal action.
Disengages from paperwork or other activities when approached by a resident.
Maintains a positive attitude and desire to be of service to residents.
Responds to emergency situations in a timely and efficient manner. Participates actively in true emergencies to aide other staff members, residents and guests.
Special Requirements:
Able to lift 50- 100lbs Ability to work in various environmental conditions (e.g., heat cold, wind, rain) Walk and climb stairs Driving when necessary Ability to interact effectively with management, peers and residents.
Compensation & Benefits: Full benefits are offered and pay rate is $14 p/hr. Please call 215 893 1200 and or e-mail [email protected]. #2722
Health insurance






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