Field Service Representative 3rd shift

Kreg Therapeutics, a provider of specialty medical equipment, is seeking to hire a Medical Delivery Driver.
This position is responsible for the delivery, service, and pick-up of Kreg Therapeutics’ rental medical equipment. MDDs must be able to communicate with Central Dispatch and mindfully assist with customer needs. MDD’s prepare equipment for patient use with meticulous maintenance, disinfecting and testing.
Physical Demands:

While performing the duties of this job, the employee will be required to stand and walk during the majority of his/her shift.
Must be able to carry and move 50 lbs.
Must be able to load a 1000lb hospital on to a truck. which may require bending, laying on the floor or kneeling to secure the bed before and after transport.
Must be able to apply the required force to maneuver and stop the movement of a 1000lb hospital bed. Must be able to push, turn or pull a 1000lb bed throughout the facility to a patient care room.
May be required to drive 10-250 miles daily.
Must be able to stand, kneel, stoop for up to 8hrs daily to clean and disinfect equipment.
Must be able to climb up and down a two-foot step from the truck deck to ground level multiple times per day.

Deliver, service and pick-up medical equipment from facilities.
Become skilled at testing, troubleshooting, repairing, operating all Kreg Therapeutics products.
Maintain company vehicles in a clean and orderly manner.
Clean and disinfect rental equipment in accordance with Kreg Therapeutics policies and procedures.
Accurately complete daily reporting requirements.
Initiate and maintain positive interactions with all customers.
Responsible for completing orders in the designated time frame.
Meet all competency expectations to operate a 26-foot box truck. Meets all company safe driving expectations.
Maintain communication with central dispatch at all times regarding customer orders.

Kreg Therapeutics, Inc. offers:

Comprehensive training.
Life, Short & Long Term Disability.
Pet Insurance.
Rapid opportunity for advancement based on performance in a fast-growing medical device industry.

Health insurance






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